Compelling Reasons Why Should I Have Wedding Videography In My Wedding

Your wedding constitutes an unforgettable occasion of your life, replete with joy and gaiety. Preserve those cherished moments with wedding videography, the latest fad in photography and revive them even after so many years. Currently, videographers fashion movie style films employing top-notch, sharp vision video cameras to catalogue your memorable marriage day. The wedding clips are mixed with music to churn out a romantic and mirthful film of the special day.

Wedding videography has caught on and become so much in demand that you’ll be really happy that you planned it for your marriage beforehand. With a videographer around at your wedding, you should be careful not to let the ceremony continue after sunset. This is because unlike cameras which have flashes, camcorders are without flash and function similar to human eyeball being continuously active and accommodating as much light as the pupil so videography performed before sunset is more attractive.

Couples should be clear about the purpose for which they desire to enlist the services of the videographer at the marriage function or reception, whether for a general recording of the occasion or an exhaustive coverage involving interviews or special categories. Videography creates awesome high definition images of your special moments like exchange of oaths or the first wedding kiss as spouses. It also preserves those subtle moments like your choice of flowers to adorn the church, the expression of elation on your guardians face or those tears of joy shed by your partner at the altar. These precious moments would be lost unless saved via videography.

Videography also retains the audio component of your wedding by capturing sounds with the aid of specialized gadgets. All this makes your wedding happening and real. Hearing your guests’ laughter as well as the highly significant marriage day utterances of the words “I do” would not have been possible without a video shoot. Marriage videos also enable viewing of those coveted moments by your friends and relatives who couldn’t make it to your wedding. You can immediately share your marriage moments with your near ones residing in any part of the globe which can also be passed on to future generations as a prized family possession.

Newlywed pairs and even brides in whose weddings videography did not form a part are increasingly exhorting future brides to include it for their wedding. The two cameras and single videographer option allows a backup which provides footage for you to watch that everything is perfect and the editor refrains from cutting to and fro to the single frame which you may not appreciate.

Latest gadgets such as Button Camera are great for footages of surveillance type and vibrating cam effect though it has to be placed on the groom’s person along with transmitter. Introducing sound into your video shoot via wireless microphone brings liveliness into the clippings with the best man voicing emotional words facing the shutter. A genuine, skilful editor makes attractive footage using plain cuts and enhances it with special touches to highlight some endearing moments.

Find out if you can receive additional copies of your video for the price and also create more copies. The facility of having the video published on a portal is a bonus and it can help you to research on the additional charges involved and the period for which the video is hosted. Employing 2 cameras permit you to use one to click a broad view of bride and groom plus officiant while the second one shoots near and reaction shots.

What To Consider When Signing A Contract With A Wedding Photographer

singing a contract

As one is on the way to search for a good professional photographer, it is much possible that they will overlook the legal and business side of photography. On the other hand, those who will be getting paid for clicking photos, it is highly crucial to protect oneself with basic photography contract so that you are not troubled in case of discrepancies. In this article, we’ll briefly be highlighting considerations and content that should be included in the contract so that both the photographer and the employer can be certain that they are on the right track. For clear understanding, it is important that any sort of advice provided here should be regarded as suggestions.

  • Seek professional council- consult licensed attorney to take his suggestions and professional advice. They can provide you with basic requirements of photography contract that in turn will be much helpful to you. Prior to signing the contract, it is suggested to consult legal professionals wherein they go through that contract and decide the next step.
  • Decide whether or not you actually need a contract- in the field of creative arts, rendering services is no doubt a tricky business. With such type of jobs, there are many things that can go wrong. Some issues that can be encountered are moody clients, illness, natural disasters, and failure of camera equipments, among many others. Hence, these factors can turn your perfectly planned day to absolute mess. Contracts will assist in making things pretty formal that can be negative as well as positive. When people are working with someone they are not known to, they appreciate formalities as well as the fact that one is truly professional when they offer contract. In case of working with some family member or friends, you actually don’t require a formal contract because it is more about mutual understanding and trust.
  • Basic details- The first and foremost thing that should be included in contract are standard contact and client/photographer identification information. These details have to be given by the client as well as the photographer. The details can be hand-written rather than getting them custom printed. From the client side, their name, address, business, country, proper state, relevant contact details like phone, email, address, and name, as well as fields for signing the contract with name printed should be there. On the other hand, from photographer side, details like address, signature, phone number, client’s name, qualification, etc. should be mentioned. Ensure the contract contains location, time, and date of photo shoot as well.
  • Details of working hours- Working hours are required so as to decide the total cost of photography. In many cases, photographers will be hired for 2 to 3 days wherein they’ll be covering all events right from day 1 to end. On the other hand, photographers can also be hired for few hours wherein they’ll shoot just the main wedding part. Based on client requirements, it is important to mention details of working hours that includes times, number of hours, events, and other required things. Moreover, photographers may be paid extra for travelling to some different location in which case details needs to be written in the contract.
  • Price details- This is one of the most important section of wedding photography contract. In this section, it is mandatory to mention the way a photographer is charging for example package price, hourly rates, per day basis, event basis, or location basis. In some cases you can have hybrid of 2 cases. Be absolutely specific when detailing the cost.
  • Terms of payment- the contract should include the way client will be paying. It can be in instalments, through cards, cash, or cheques. Don’t forget to mention the mode as well as terms of payment.

Is It Possible To Find Inexpensive Wedding Photography

In addition to costs related with catering and reception, wedding photography is the next largest spending that you need to plan for wedding day of yours. There are several professional wedding planners who suggest keeping aside ten to fifteen percent of entire budget for wedding photography. With exception of rings and vows, this is the only item that remains from D-day of yours that not just you as well as your family would cherish and remember for generations. There are some important tips that you need to consider while selecting wedding photography. It is pretty possible to find reasonable cost wedding photography but for that you need to do your side of work. The tips given below will be of much use to those who are searching for inexpensive wedding photography.

  • Book your slot at the earliest- you can save a huge amount of money on wedding photography if you book an experienced professional at the earliest. Couples who have got recently engaged and their wedding date is out should book a professional photographer right now. Maximum good wedding photographers would be booked much prior and hence their availability would cause problem for you. Moreover, booking photographers late means you need to invest more money and it isn’t guaranteed that they will be good enough. Booking photographers early will definitely help you in saving hundreds of dollars.
  • Go for online photography gift registering- you can reduce wedding photography cost of yours by making use of online gift registry of the photographer. There are several couples who register at more than one brick-mortar shop for wedding guests of theirs in order to buy gifts for them. In a similar fashion, individuals considerably can bring down cost of their wedding photography by using photography registry of photographer. This is one of the most cost-effective steps that you can take for making your wedding photography inexpensive.
  • Reduce coverage- another excellent way of reducing wedding photography expenditure of yours is by booking a professional photographer for lesser coverage hours on wedding day. This surely will be nice to employee photographers for ten hours but it requires considerable investment. As maximum professionals will charge you based on time for which you hire them, it is better to ask them for covering just ceremony in addition to one hour after and before the starting of ceremony. There are several engaged couples who’ve been capable enough to reduce their expenditure by 70 percent or even more by making use of only this tip. It is for sure that you don’t need a professional photographer for entire day hence you can make little compromises that in turn will save a huge amount of money.
  • Let family and friends purchase albums and prints on their own- another very simple way of making wedding photography inexpensive is letting your family and friends browse online proofing gallery as well as purchase professional albums and prints on their own. There are couples who would feel obligated when they purchase extra prints as well as albums for their family; but if you allow them to make purchase on their own; it would lower personal wedding photography expense of yours significantly.
  • Refer to family and friends- there are several professional wedding photographers who offer exclusive discount if you refer them to your family and friends. This helps them get more business and in return they will give you good discounts. In order to get such discounts, you need to hire a professional wedding photographer who is offering this service. You can go for some negotiations if you promise hiring them for your relatives as well as family members wedding or any other related occasion photography.

Tips To Set The Budget For Wedding Photography


Wedding photography budget is one of the very important aspects of any wedding. When you are actually ascertaining its cost, you need to simply ensure that you should get the services for which you are paying. One can spend 1000 dollars on a typical photography of professional wedding excluding the photography prints and other extra features. The rates vary on the basis of skill level but for geographic region these rates are normally very high. A wedding photographer typically devotes four to six hours for less than 100 guests and eight to ten hours for three hundred or more guests. But everyone should know about certain Tips to set the budget for Wedding Photography.

The rates of various wedding photographers ought to be compared in order to know about pricing information over phone or websites. An initial search or simply a phone call is preliminary step in getting a photographer that suits your budget. During comparison the costs of photography, you again need to ensure the type of packages each photographer is using so that initial rates may not be misleading.

Some of the rates determining factors consist of time of photographer, location, etc. Prints and album include extra charges. You need to ascertain services and options you want to get before comparing rates for those particular choices. They determine the works of professional within the budget of wedding photography. However, there are many ways to save ample amount of money on wedding photography. In case you have a photographer who demands higher rates then one needs to consider certain steps to save on photography budget. The first and foremost step would be to buy basic package of wedding photography having less prints and albums. Then you can also negotiate and switch an engagement portrait for the album of parents.

When you are reviewing the contract with potential photographer, you need to be sure of what all the contract actually consists? Certain questions also need to be answered before the contract is actually signed. The first question can be related to whether customers are supposed to make a deposit or not? Customers also need to know about cancellation policy and its consequences as its second question.

Customers need to be very clear about travel time, as it may also be an important point in the contract. In case, the wedding and reception are located on same place, or at nearby places, then the customers are prone to get big discounts from these professionals. Their time and amount of travelling expense is saved.

The final point of contract should tell about final prints or any other proof. Top people engaged in this line of work are able to work with top equipment. They simply want to make sure that every moment is being captured without missing the magic of the day. Therefore, these professionals demand a lofty fee.

Professional photographers for wedding charge almost more than 1500 dollars. One can also search various websites to know about services and actual discounts which are applicable to them. In case the wedding is scheduled during “slower” months like March, November and February or if they fall on Sunday or Thursday then customers are prone to get almost twenty percent savings.

Photo assistants are very useful in setting lighting and sound so that these professionals can get their time during shooting period. Customers can get good discounts on the basis of referrals, initial footage or initial proofs of the wedding.

Understanding Good Wedding Photography

In life there are some happy events, which mark a big shift in the way life is going for a person or family, wedding is certainly one of these and to make it alive forever is the motive why we all give so much importance to wedding photography. By having good photos of important occasions one does have the option to revisit these moments, as and when one feels, for rest of their life. In fact one can get few of them printed and then display them in proper way in bedroom or any other suitable location in house.

A wedding has several stages which are important to shoot so that complete story of the event can be retold through theses very photos. One can start with making a shot list of events to be covered as well as the persons who are important and thus need to be in photos. After making such shoot list, discuss this with the person who will be doing the actual photography. If you have professional photographer for this job then he or she will understand this easily as they are used to doing this in every wedding they cover, however if the camera is in the hand of a person who is casual or amateur photographer, then one needs to spend more time in briefing such a person, so that it is clear to him or her, what are the expectations from them.

One of the important things one can do is to do away with group photos with each and every person present in the function, as it is a very time consuming exercise, and very difficult to organise presence of particular category of guests. For example photographing grandparents with grand children can prove to be very tiresome, what with children running off without warning as for them, play and enjoyment is priority than standing upright for a photo. What one can do is to have full family photo in which everyone is present; similarly one can have one snap for friends and college buddies of bride and groom respectively. Official colleagues or professional acquaintances can also be brought together on similar lines.

Another smart thing one can do is to have trusted relative or a friend, who can be made a co-ordinator for organising gathering of people and photographer at the right time, so that everything goes as per plan. A close family friend who knows most people will fit well for such a responsibility. He or she must be told that it is a very important assignment and requires their full involvement.

To ensure memorable photos of outdoor wedding, it is important to capture natural elements like light and wind along with features of landscape. These aspects will make photos stand out as real replica of the moment for years to come. One can make a good impact by taking photos with a wide aperture lens or one can use telescopic lenses and take photos without making everyone conscious. It is useful to take advantages of natural lighting patterns at the venue.

There are technical aspects which can improve quality of photos, for example using under exposure during sunlight, using diffused flash when indoor or in shade, taking some snaps as raw and edit them on computer, tilting angle of camera will give a fresh look to photos. These are some example of innovative things which a photographer can do to make lasting impact.

Tips To Select The Best Wedding Photographer

The photographer

Getting a good wedding photographer for a special event like marriage is very important because it is very memorable event that happens once in a lifetime and so it is important to make it memorable in every sense be it arrangement or the photography. The photos will speak throughout the life when you will look back and remember the day of wedding the photos are going to help you recollect those beautiful memories. While many people understand the need of a professional wedding photographer, many are unaware that this is also a special work and can’t be handled by anyone who is just clicking the pictures just for the sake that he wants to take photographs.

There are many ways to select the best wedding photographer and if you keep few things in mind then it becomes very easy to get one which you require at the least possible cost. While selecting a wedding photographer you must remember that you are hiring him for a very major event and so he should be capable to handle the task with professionalism and perfection otherwise there is no point in hiring him for the job as you will not get the desired results as you would like to have for such a great event. In order to help you select the best wedding photographer we are going to discuss few things which you should keep in mind while selecting the best wedding photographer for this event.

First of all you should know the field of expertise of the person whom you are considering for this task. Photography is a job which needs perfection, some are wildlife experts, some are digital ones, and there are wedding photographers also who are especially dedicated for wedding photography only. After that you should consider the total experience of the person in such activities like wedding photography, how many years he has been in this field and what kind of weddings he has photographed in. After that comes the creative aspect. As we all know that wedding pictures are not only clicked by cameras and sold to the client but also they need a lot of editing and creativity.

Professionals use good software which are not cost free and bear a license on his name which makes them a unique user of that software and so he can use the software in creating mind blowing pictures which will make you very happy and will be there with you for the lifetime and you will remember the day of wedding by looking at them daily. Some other points which should be kept in mind is like what kind of service that agency is providing like if only photographs clicked or decided upon are given or they are also giving some extra copies of the pictures. Sometimes you may also need the softcopy of the photos to mail to your relatives and friends or just to upload them to some social website for your friends to see who were unable to attend the wedding ceremony. So keeping in mind the above points you can select the best photographer for your wedding who will give you the best memorable photos.

Different Styles Of Wedding Photos You Should Know

Wedding photography is a very promising field for photographers as marriages are always going on and one can find good work easily just by having some basic expertise in this field as the demand is rising day by day and people are looking for good photographers who can handle wedding events with creativity and perfection. As this event is very important for people they always want the best person for the job and for that you should understand the basic needs of what the client needs. Are you a wedding photographer and looking for some basic steps you should know for getting success in this field? Then you should go through this article where we discuss about different styles of wedding photos. These days’ weddings are going more and more lucrative and shining than ever. Earlier they used to be simple and sober but now they involve huge amount of money as well as innovative steps to make it unique and memorable one. So by the changing trends in wedding, one must keep in mind about changing trends in wedding photos so that the clients are happy and you get continuous work in this good field.

Wedding photography is not about rocket science or technical issues; it is just about the sense of visualization and creativity. Imagination should flow out from your mind so that you keep on clicking marvelous pictures and with some creativity and photo tools you can edit them more to add the extra edge so that it will become more presentable and good looking so that the client can think you are worth the job and pay you more. There are different styles of wedding photography that you should be aware of to get a good shining career in this field. Among different types of wedding photos we are talking about some are very traditional but as they are perfect and obvious you need not change them and use them accordingly. Like the main frame or focus of the lens which should be adjusted according to keep the main guests in highlight and others out of focus.

Keeping in mind that other guests are also important in the wedding you should try to adjust them also in the photos somewhere otherwise the album will go like blank and may be the client will complain about it. Other points are like the photos should be properly light adjusted and it should be comfortable to look at otherwise it will not look good and you may end up losing the job as it is very important to keep the customer happy in photos. There are other styles also like black and white shades photo, but those should be limited to few in numbers as they need to be exclusive and not everyone should be included in those pictures. These days’ photos with candid poses are in demand where the focus is not on the main subject but it creates a good appeal to the viewer and they are very cool in appearance and are mostly used for uploading over the internet. So keeping these points in mind one can click very good wedding photos and make good earning from this job.

What Is Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is something which is in huge demand these days and people want it to be done in their wedding events to make it one of the most memorable and special events of their life. Many photographers have keen interest and expertise in traditional wedding photography and they take it up as their specialty while going for wedding photo shooting. There are some new professionals who are unaware of this traditional wedding photography and if they get to know this they can earn lot of money and get famous in their area for their specific talent of traditional wedding photography. Traditional photography in wedding is not such a difficult task or rocket science but it does require some experience and a level of professionalism to achieve the level of work as expected by the client. Once you start working on it then it will be easy like cakewalk for you as the experience will make it easier day by day. So if you are also looking out for some basic knowledge about traditional wedding photography and want to work in this field then we are going to discuss following points about it and it may be helpful in your future endeavors in your photography career further.

wedding photography

Starting from the very basic, always keep in mind that wedding photography is all about decorations and lights, glitters and shine and of course the bride and groom. Traditionally the photography was done like simple clicks and then they were edited using computer tools which enhanced the photos up to certain level making them beautiful and creative in viewing. The best photographers spend most of their time in thinking about the design to be given in such pictures so that it makes a good appeal to the client and they are happy with their work. Traditional wedding photos are mainly meant to focus on close ups of bride with the groom along with most important family members and the backdrop should be something unique in decoration which adds to the beauty of the photo.

Moreover today in the world of digital cameras one can easily take as many pictures as he wants as the limits of roll cameras are not there and you can click as many good shots as you feel like to reach the level of perfection. Also while you click, digital cameras automatically adjust the light conditions of the photos so that you need not worry for such factors and can focus on capturing the best frames throughout the ceremony. As we all know that wedding is the most important ceremony in any person’s life and so they want it to be memorable and special. Once it is over, they have the photographs to remember the happenings and decorations which added that extra edge in the ceremony. Hence a photographer should try his level best to bring out the best from his camera which can be a delight for the customer and they become happy at your work. So power up your cameras and get started over traditional wedding photography.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Photo Style For Your Big Day

It is pretty simple to choose a restaurant or destination location but it is comparatively tough to select a perfect wedding photo style for D-day of yours. When it comes to wedding photography styles, there are 3 primary components that one must understand and these are style of photographer in relation with the clients, shooting style, and editing style. Shooting style means the kind of photographs that will be made as well as how they’ll be done. This includes usage of shadows and light in shot, deciding focus or blurry background, deciding camera to use for shooting, and so on. Portfolio of photographers will be filled with these varying elements hence you can take a look at their work prior to finalizing the best style. There are photographers who are popular for beautiful panoramic clicks that they take of couples in field with great sunset as background whereas there are others who are known for their abilities of capturing natural emotions in their camera. So it totally depends on individuals as to which photography style they want to go with.

Another major factor is editing as it has a major role to play in the style of the photographer. This includes dark or light photography, selecting faded or bright colours, contrast of images, and things like these. There are photographers who love white and black images and excel in such photography style. The last component that is relationship style of photographer can generally be figured depending on “about” section of theirs, reviews available on their website, and writing done on the blogs. All this shows that photographers love allowing their clients to know them. The best way of choosing the right wedding photo style will be narrowing down photos that you love by making a collection of them from Pinterest. Once the collection part is over, you will likely see a common thread or theme through maximum photographs. It can be romantic look and dreamy look with little editing that has made colours appear much faded.

Wedding photography cannot be done by oneself because it requires a lot of skills and experience to get the right feel and emotion. Given below are some tips that will assist you in choosing the perfect wedding photo style.

  • Do some bit of research- here you should to go through wedding albums containing different photo styles. This will bring in the exact picture of different styles that are available as well as their effect. Moreover, you can consult some of your relatives and friends regarding wedding photo style in case they have got one done for themselves. It isn’t important that the style suiting others will suit you as well hence go for the most appropriate one.
  • Go for trial clicks- The best way by which you can decide which wedding photo style would best suit you is to go for trial session. There are several photographers who offer trial sessions so you can book one for yourself. During this session, you’ll be asked to wear your wedding attire. The photographer would take different pictures in different styles. They will then show all those styles to you so that it becomes easy for you to select the right one. In this post-wedding trial shoot, you can carry some wedding items like flowers, jewellery, centrepieces, etc. that you will actually be carrying for the wedding. This would take couple of hours but is definitely important.
  • Go for professional wedding photographer- you will get best results only if you hire an experienced professional for your wedding photo style. These photographers are trained and you can see their previous work so as to finalize the best one.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Asking My Friend To Be My Wedding Photographers

In the previous post we have talk about the Pros of Asking Your Friends To Be Your Wedding Photographer. It will be natural to ask if there are also some advantages associated with it. Yes, it is important to understand all the pros and cons so that you can make the decision.

Let us face it, we will only have one wedding in our lives. Meanwhile, wedding photography will be the item to help you to record all the romantic moments in your wedding. This means that no mistake will be allowed when the photographer is taking the pictures. You do not want to take any risk to ruin your memories of your wedding. A professional photographer will know how they should behave and take the appropriate picture. Your friends, however, will not know how they should perform as the photographer in your wedding.

Experience of the photographers

This is probably the number one reason for you to hire a truly professional photographer. Nowadays, it is not hard for one to purchase a digital camera. Your friends may have bought a good Canon camera. They may even have some professional lenses. However, does it mean that they can take good pictures in your wedding? Absolutely NO! There are magazines which maintain that taking wedding pictures is just something easy, which is not true. A professional wedding photographer has gone through all the processes of a wedding before. They certainly know how and when they should take the pictures. Do your friends have the experiences to do it. The answer is probably NO. Of course every photographer has their first time on shooting weddings. However, a truly professional photographer will go with this newbie and train him / her. The photographer will not go by himself / herself if he / she does not have the experience.

All about post processing

Wedding photography involves a lot of post processing work. Your friends may not know how to do it. Even if they know how to do it right, do they have the time to do the job properly? This is a question you have to ask yourself and your friends. You will never be able to have stunning results. A professional photographer is paid to do the job. As a result, they will dedicate the time to do the post processing well. This is something your friends cannot and do not have the time to do. They have their own jobs and families!

Your friends also wants to enjoy

Your friends should also be important guests in your wedding. They deserve to enjoy the time in your wedding. Will they be able to enjoy and celebrate with you if they need to help you to take wedding pictures? You should know the answers for this question. It will be better if you can treat your friends well on your big day. It would be a more sensible choice to hire a professional.