How Does A Wedding Photographer Charge You

Wedding is one of the most glorious, grand, memorable, and expensive events that happen in each one’s life. This is the reason why people prefer capturing each and every moment of this D-day and hence hire wedding photographers. Almost all photographers are going to charge you for providing a service. There are some considerations wherein you can get low cost or free of cost wedding photographers but only if you are ready to make small compromises. All photographers aren’t experienced. They gain experience by working continuously. If you hire an experienced photographer, they will charge you huge amount for the service provided by them. On the other hand, if you hire professionals who are more of a learner, you may be asked to pay minimum amount only. Often there are young talented photographers who wish enhancing their skills in wedding photography and hence they are ready to offer free of cost services only in return of a working opportunity. This is beneficial from both points of view. If you consider photographers, they get a chance to gain experience by performing wedding photography at your wedding. This in turn helps them enhance their skills as well as gain more of practical knowledge. Looking from client’s perspective, they will have to pay minimal amount because these young professionals aren’t much experienced. If a client is lucky, they may get photographers who will not cost anything for the services provided by them because their main aim is enhancing their skills as well as gaining knowledge and not money. Such kinds of photographers are more into research and they emphasize much on practical research.


There are several factors based on which wedding photographers will charge you and some of these factors are discussed in detail below.

Location: If you ask them to shoot in a location where they stay, probably the cost would be reasonable. On the other hand, couples who are planning for outdoor wedding or shoots will be required to bare all expenses of their photographer right from lodging to food and travelling. This will be decided prior to signing the contract as well as should be included in the contract.

Based on Working Hours: There are some wedding photographers who charge on a hourly basis whereas there are some who charge on a day-to-day basis or on package basis. If you are hiring professionals who charge on hourly basis, you’ll have to specify the number of hours for which you wish hiring them. In case of day-to-day basis, you can decide on the days for which you want to hire them and the price will be fixed accordingly. There are professionals wedding photographers who charge based on events. This is preferably a much convenient charging method. Often some small events keep happening that aren’t much important but you have to pay your photographer. In case of event basis, you can decide on the main events for which you wish hiring them. This is a cost-effective as well as time saving method.

Mode in Which You Want Your Photographs: If you want photographs just as a collection, probably your photographer won’t charge any extra amount for it. In case you wish getting those photographs assembled in the form of album, you may have to pay extra based on cost demanded by the professional.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot: Couples prefer to have pre-wedding photo shoot. They would like to take trial photographs so as to be confident about their D-day photo session. If you are planning for one such photo-shoot, your photographer will definitely charge you for it. This cost will be included in the package chosen by you.

Cost Based on Package: Usually you’ll be asked to select a package based on your requirements and each package comes with its own cost and features.

How to make your Wedding Photos unique?

unique photo

The auspicious day of the wedding comes once in a lifetime and is memorable for each one of us. Everyone prepares months and weeks before the D-day so that none of things are missing out and everything is simply perfect. This piece of article would discuss the ideas to make your wedding photos unique.

The wedding day also needs hiring of some photographers, which involves getting some of the amazing and most memorable photographers. Both the bride and the groom need to make sure that their special day and most memorable day is very well documented in such a way which is in high demands. You would get some inspiration and guidance on the various types of shots, which are almost mandatory.

One of the best ideas in this reference is the badge of the team bride or the team groom. Guests can wear these badges at the main event to reveal that they belong to either side of the party. The badges act as an automatic ice breaker and acts as a starter for a great conversation among these guests. One can save all the wedding cards in the form of a book. Wedding is the most auspicious occasion and both the bride and the groom get many tons of sweet notes and other gifts which they don’t want to throw away. All you need is simply punch the three hole cards and put the binder rings in order to make a very simple and meaningful look of all the cards from the wedding day.

The release of the first look photos is also one of the best ideas. Every person holds a bunch of balloons and releases them to see the future spouse. The curious guests, who want to know about the programs of the wedding, are provided brief bios for the party. This is one of the best ways to introduce all your guests to the party and respect them. The concept of unique signages for all the wedding photos also helps to deliver the heartfelt messages on the special day.

Bridesmaids hold various signs to tell, when and where did they first met the bride in order to inform them about their special relationship. They sometimes even want to get a photo and feel amazed at how long they have been in each other’s lives. The wedding photography was all about taking awkward pictures with new in-laws. This was done in hope that the hair style does not look ridiculous on the mantelpiece in about a period of twenty years.

During the last few years, the wedding industry has boomed significantly. Some couples, who believe in their cultural values and the artistic side, are simply ensuring that their wedding day contains mementos and artworks. Some of the unique styles of photography are done to simply make sure that these art pieces last for the entire lifetime.

The fine art style photography is very classic and traditional in the true sense and has added filmic touches and is mainly influenced from editorial shoots of magazines. Wedding photographers shoot in this manner carries a fashionable background. They also have portrait photography and specialize in making all the snaps of the wedding very romantic and lovable.

Some of these fine images belong to Fine art Photography by Beau and Belle in the city of Yorkshire and describes the style as organic, relaxed, and natural. Creating beautiful wedding photography is surely a craft that tells the story of the whole day, in order to make your wedding, look very beautiful. This photography normally consists of both the bride and the groom and has plenty of taste, which is an important part of accessories from gown of the brides to the table decorations.

Is It Important To Have A Wedding Album

Nowadays having a wedding album is a must. This is because wedding albums are the best way of retaining memories so that one can cherish them forever. These days’ digital wedding albums have become much popular. There is wide range of possibilities for events like sweet 16, weddings, and much more. Wedding albums reflect personal display of long lasting memories of couples by narrating story of wedding day of theirs thru images. Among the biggest advantages of having digital wedding albums is that individuals will be no longer bounded by format as well as layouts of classic albums. Using wedding albums, especially digital books, individuals can place their photographs anywhere on page as well as make use of varying kinds of photo sizes and layouts. This means one can have creative album with several photos on one page without requiring any of your favorite photos to be left out. In order to have more breathtaking designs, individuals can make use of photographs as their background images in their album.

Nowadays, couples are switching to benefits of wedding albums in digital form as they provide you ability of making coffee table book or flush mount book as well as personal albums by including different layouts, borders, text, effects, and graphics. Using digital photography you can get quick turnarounds of the proofs. These albums can be secured on high resolution DVDs as well as featured on a site for securing online sharing or proofing. You can ask your photographer to provide you digital albums instead of physical albums because if you have digital photographs of your wedding it will become easy for you to share them on social networking sites that one may be using such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. In fact, this is the latest trend that is being used these days. Physical wedding albums come with certain drawbacks and hence are not much preferred by couples. The biggest drawbacks include: require huge amount of storage space, don’t contain each and every photograph of the wedding, expensive, require regular maintenance like cleaning, suffer wear and tear with time, aren’t easily portable, tough to carry because of their weight, and so on. On the other hand, digital wedding albums come with several advantages like need minimum storage space that too on your computer or other storage device, print is excellent, don’t wear out with time, can be ported from one place to another easily by making use of portable devices like pen drive, multiple copies can be created, and lots more.

There are often individuals who think whether or not they require wedding albums. The simplest answer is yes! But a simple suggestion to them is to go for digital wedding album as they are more cost-effective and require minimum space. These digital photos can be used for creating screensavers, digital albums, transferring, and much more. Digital albums offer broad range of printing options and capabilities. Even photographers have numerous options to play with color spectrum as they can turn photos into white and black, sepia, or cover it with roses, and perform lots more activities. Furthermore, they can even blur background and highlight photographs of couple, enhance romantic settings, create lighting effects, and create customized pictures as well. All these features are not possible with physical photos. Hence, couples are encouraged to go for digital wedding photo albums as compared to traditional albums. You can even reproduce multiple copies in case your relatives or friends are asking for some specific photographs. This is also possible with conventional photos but it requires investment as well as is a time taking effort. To conclude, having wedding photographs, be it digital or physical, is a must if you want to secure your D-day memories for ever.

Three instant photos

Know All about the Fine Art Wedding Photography

Wedding is one of the biggest turning points in one’s life. Therefore everyone wants to capture the golden moments so that they can remain fresh in our memory forever. Hence, it is very important that one should go for Fine Art Wedding Photography. This sort of photography makes the moments very beautiful and more memorable. Nobody wants to take any type of risk for these pictures. After all, the wedding day comes once in a lifetime. Therefore, each one of us wants to make the most of it. One needs to be very sure and certain about the fine art photography and the photographer, they are actually looking for.

During the ancient days, this art was regarded as a boring way of expressing the idea, especially in case of wedding photography. The media and the models nowadays have absolutely fantastic pictures, comprising the brightness, flamboyance. These elements of photography were never found in the original photographs. However, some photographers realized this fact and they added life to such photography. The result of those efforts came out in the form of Fine Art Photography. It is completely distinct from that of conventional one. It has its own mechanism of taking the pictures and editing them.

fine art wedding photography

Through this photography, pictures are special as the features of discoloration, prominence, dimness and other effects and blurriness are combined with each other. The photographer using this technique of photography works in an entirely distinct manner. They do not tell the family members to group together, lining them up or arranging them as per the height. The basics of photography are not told here by anyone and they are not asked to stand catching hands together and giving a wonderful smile. All these norms of photography have become very old and outdated.

In this photography, photographer wants to make the best use of everything, which comes inside the camera lens. He would also make the best use of reflections, deflections, shadows and other elevations, which come along with a photo. Through these techniques, every angle and facial expression would change the total look of the picture. This can be made possible, in case the photographers made the best use of white and black colors, dark shadows and the dry leaves in their picture.

The tears in the eyes of the bride would simply make the impact of the picture, very powerful. The photographers also make the best use of bright colors, birds and the flowers along with elements of greenery in these pictures. The background is set, where the couple smiles and laughs in order to make the occasion simply everlasting. Nowadays, modern tools and softwares are also used for editing the photographers.

Hundreds of new effects make the pictures more than the pictures for the occasion. Therefore fine art photography is one of the best choices for the weddings of today. These techniques don’t focus on faces alone, but they give the simple reason to buy the expensive costumes, which can be worn on the wedding. Many people spend thousands of dollars on the wedding dress, shoes, Jewelry, preparation, venue, and the shoes. So the pictures need to be highlighted as well.

All this is made possible through this kind of photography. The photographer integrates the design and delivers the product in the slideshow or the album. They nurture the clients after the wedding by expanding the portraits of the baby and the family. It is packed with the real–life examples, stunning images, and the solid techniques and has one of the brightest stars of the industry. The photographers get various updates related to work and normally satisfy a huge generation of the brides.

Essential Attributes For Photographer Of Destination Wedding

In life one always likes to remember pleasant moments, as they tend to motivate us that good things are going to happen to us. Apart from our memories, there are few things which serve the purpose of reminding us of time and events gone by. One such medium is photograph, which instantly takes us down memory lane and we can be nostalgic and happy in recalling that event. Wedding is certainly a very big occasion of life and it becomes special if we are planning to have a special destination wedding. Apart from being special, organising such an event away from home is also quite challenging, as we have to rely on vendors with whom, we have been interacting only through phone, and will meet them on the big day itself or a day before. While one can live with some mix-up in arrangements, the field of wedding photography must be perfect otherwise, every effort will go waste and there won’t be any photographs of the wonderful destination wedding we want it to be.

One of the best ways to solve this anxiety of quality wedding photographs of wedding is to have your own photographer, may be from the city you live or work, and take him or her along, and you will be relieved to see the best results ultimately. To locate a suitable photographer, one can ask their friends, neighbours, relatives and professional colleagues for their recommendation in this aspect, or one can look into popular magazines and newspapers, and of course, internet is always there to help you locate a suitable wedding photographer near your home or work place. Most photographers are listed with search engines and some of them also have their own websites, through which we can communicate with them, by talking on phone, or chatting online, even video chat is possible, thanks to technology advancement.

Once you have short listed a few names from all the sources we have mentioned here, one can start with communication with them, so that a better understanding develops about the kind of services they are offering and what is their past record in terms of quality wedding photography. While we are on subject of quality, one can ask for some basic questions when a photographer comes with a presentation about their services. These questions can be related to their past experience, how many weddings or destination wedding they have photographed, what are their charges and why, the kind of technology they are using for photography, for example digital or film based camera. It is good to ask these things so that we know, what we are getting into beforehand, besides the photographer also gets the message that this is not any ignorant customer, who can be taken advantage of. Thus, through this easy interaction one can understand which photographer is best suited for their wedding, well then just hire him or her and brief them about what kind of photographs you want to have from them.

It is very important to communicate well with your photographer, so that there is no room for mix-up at such an important occasion like a destination wedding. However, take care to arrange for proper stay with due comfort of your photographer at the wedding venue, so that he or she can work at ease without any unnecessary stress, which may affect the quality of their work. One should not mind spending somewhat extra on these matters, as the importance of your destination wedding photographs is much more than some expenses here and there.

Amazing Digital Photography

digital photography

In recent years we have become used to digital cameras in which pictures are stored as files in their memory and can be seen on their screen as well as, one can see them on computer or laptop. It is easy to share, among people by email, Bluetooth and social media websites. In important occasions like wedding it is best to opt for digital wedding photography. As in digital photos one can see instantly how is the quality of photo, if it is not satisfactory, one can always click one more time as there is no worry of film running out as in traditional old cameras. One can also edit and improve upon raw photos by using very useful softwares that are specially designed for this purpose.

Digital wedding photography gives much better results than old film based technology. It is not surprising to conclude that future of photography is going to be with digital format. Most of the guests in our wedding make request to send important photos to them, now if we have our photos in digital form it is easy to send and all that one has to do is just type in an email to concerned person and attach photos which need to be sent or one can upload these photos on their social media accounts. See how easy it is to do this sharing and there are more benefits, like these photos reach recipients almost instantly without requiring large amount of money or effort.

Digital photography important for once in a lifetime event such as wedding will save us from possible malfunction of film based camera or accidental exposure of film, which will erase all photos, which we wished to cherish. In digital camera photographer can see instantly how photo is going to look in LCD screen of camera, if everything is alright, then he or she can move to click more pictures, but if there is a problem in the photo just clicked, it can be re-clicked by requesting guests to remain where they are for few moment more. Reliability is much better in digital photography and for important occasions like wedding, nobody wants to take chances.

So now we know how advantageous it is to have digital wedding photography both from the angle of economics as well as technology. Initially digital cameras had some disadvantages like less customisation to light; grainy pictures if clicked from a distance but most of these glitches have been removed over the years with improvement in technology. There is availability of advance digital cameras, which have features of point and aim camera, SLR’s and professional photography for film and advertising industry. So when this digital photography is being used everywhere, why not use it for making events memorable for a lifetime.

One can take advantage of cost effectiveness of digital wedding photography, by telling your photographer what all you want from him or her. It is better to communicate beforehand all your expectations and do not forget to mention all events and people your wish to have photos of. One can also ask one of the close friends or acquaintances who have photography as hobby to assist photographer in covering wedding as per the original plan. Digital photography is best suited for wedding during modern times, and irrespective of place or venue of wedding, be it indoor or outdoor, we can rest be assured of best quality photos of every important moment.

Should I Go For High End Wedding Photography

Every girl and her parents, friends or relatives starts planning for this wonderful day when a girl grows up into an adult. As this is her special day so she plans well before and wishes to make every moment so special and memorable that others would wish to get married in her particular style. It could be great if you could become a trendsetter for something, be it the dress, the food, the decoration or the photography. And this is the reason why many brides and grooms prefer high end photography. High end photography means the technically sophisticated photography done by using advanced and powerful computer equipments and cameras. The result produced by them is simply great and mesmerizing.

But the point actually is, is the high end wedding photography that worthy as it poses to the customers? If one has enough money to spend lavishly on photography then surely go for high end photography. And if one is planning a budgeted wedding then this service is definitely for you because it is the area where bargaining makes a negative impact. They usually serve high end clients who can lavishly spend any amount on such small things. They specially design a place or select some place of their where the photographs will give the best results. There can be various reasons in favor of the option and numerous which will convince you that this is not going to be a good idea. Finally the choice lies in the hands of the bride and groom.

First let us discuss about the merits of high end wedding photography. No doubt this will add glamorous quotient to the whole affair and will publicize your simple yet attractive wedding. Later on you will cherish the memories and photographs which have been clicked especially for you with your partner at some romantic settings. The factors that affect the high end photography are the architecture of the place where the shooting will take place, macro mode of photography which captures every minute detail and off course the powerful camera lenses. The sophisticated accessories and camera lenses with advanced photo editing software make your pictures exactly like you have dreamt of. So if all these things matter to you then definitely go for such a photo shoot. It will make you feel like a princess as they treat all their clients very nicely and offer best of everything.

Now let us look at the other side of high end of photography too. As the products in the process are quite expensive hence it makes the whole affair an expensive one. Other side is that if anyhow one has afforded the photo shoot then the question arises whether they are worthy and will they be published or not. It is true that tools play a great role but that has limited the whole job depending on the photographer. With the present technology in software even the worst picture can be made a sophisticated one. So it is necessary to hire high end photographers. This editing can be done using photo software and your pictures will definitely look great. One can even change the background, color and even one’s attire. Dress plays an important role in photography, hence if one is looking just perfect then one can complex any sophisticated bride.

As said earlier, the final decision completely depends on you and you can decide taking your own time. But remember the fact that photographers are always in search of high end wedding so they may not give you the required attention as most of them treat others as low potential clients.

Compelling Reasons Why Should I Have Wedding Videography In My Wedding

Your wedding constitutes an unforgettable occasion of your life, replete with joy and gaiety. Preserve those cherished moments with wedding videography, the latest fad in photography and revive them even after so many years. Currently, videographers fashion movie style films employing top-notch, sharp vision video cameras to catalogue your memorable marriage day. The wedding clips are mixed with music to churn out a romantic and mirthful film of the special day.

Wedding videography has caught on and become so much in demand that you’ll be really happy that you planned it for your marriage beforehand. With a videographer around at your wedding, you should be careful not to let the ceremony continue after sunset. This is because unlike cameras which have flashes, camcorders are without flash and function similar to human eyeball being continuously active and accommodating as much light as the pupil so videography performed before sunset is more attractive.

Couples should be clear about the purpose for which they desire to enlist the services of the videographer at the marriage function or reception, whether for a general recording of the occasion or an exhaustive coverage involving interviews or special categories. Videography creates awesome high definition images of your special moments like exchange of oaths or the first wedding kiss as spouses. It also preserves those subtle moments like your choice of flowers to adorn the church, the expression of elation on your guardians face or those tears of joy shed by your partner at the altar. These precious moments would be lost unless saved via videography.

Videography also retains the audio component of your wedding by capturing sounds with the aid of specialized gadgets. All this makes your wedding happening and real. Hearing your guests’ laughter as well as the highly significant marriage day utterances of the words “I do” would not have been possible without a video shoot. Marriage videos also enable viewing of those coveted moments by your friends and relatives who couldn’t make it to your wedding. You can immediately share your marriage moments with your near ones residing in any part of the globe which can also be passed on to future generations as a prized family possession.

Newlywed pairs and even brides in whose weddings videography did not form a part are increasingly exhorting future brides to include it for their wedding. The two cameras and single videographer option allows a backup which provides footage for you to watch that everything is perfect and the editor refrains from cutting to and fro to the single frame which you may not appreciate.

Latest gadgets such as Button Camera are great for footages of surveillance type and vibrating cam effect though it has to be placed on the groom’s person along with transmitter. Introducing sound into your video shoot via wireless microphone brings liveliness into the clippings with the best man voicing emotional words facing the shutter. A genuine, skilful editor makes attractive footage using plain cuts and enhances it with special touches to highlight some endearing moments.

Find out if you can receive additional copies of your video for the price and also create more copies. The facility of having the video published on a portal is a bonus and it can help you to research on the additional charges involved and the period for which the video is hosted. Employing 2 cameras permit you to use one to click a broad view of bride and groom plus officiant while the second one shoots near and reaction shots.

What To Consider When Signing A Contract With A Wedding Photographer

singing a contract

As one is on the way to search for a good professional photographer, it is much possible that they will overlook the legal and business side of photography. On the other hand, those who will be getting paid for clicking photos, it is highly crucial to protect oneself with basic photography contract so that you are not troubled in case of discrepancies. In this article, we’ll briefly be highlighting considerations and content that should be included in the contract so that both the photographer and the employer can be certain that they are on the right track. For clear understanding, it is important that any sort of advice provided here should be regarded as suggestions.

  • Seek professional council- consult licensed attorney to take his suggestions and professional advice. They can provide you with basic requirements of photography contract that in turn will be much helpful to you. Prior to signing the contract, it is suggested to consult legal professionals wherein they go through that contract and decide the next step.
  • Decide whether or not you actually need a contract- in the field of creative arts, rendering services is no doubt a tricky business. With such type of jobs, there are many things that can go wrong. Some issues that can be encountered are moody clients, illness, natural disasters, and failure of camera equipments, among many others. Hence, these factors can turn your perfectly planned day to absolute mess. Contracts will assist in making things pretty formal that can be negative as well as positive. When people are working with someone they are not known to, they appreciate formalities as well as the fact that one is truly professional when they offer contract. In case of working with some family member or friends, you actually don’t require a formal contract because it is more about mutual understanding and trust.
  • Basic details- The first and foremost thing that should be included in contract are standard contact and client/photographer identification information. These details have to be given by the client as well as the photographer. The details can be hand-written rather than getting them custom printed. From the client side, their name, address, business, country, proper state, relevant contact details like phone, email, address, and name, as well as fields for signing the contract with name printed should be there. On the other hand, from photographer side, details like address, signature, phone number, client’s name, qualification, etc. should be mentioned. Ensure the contract contains location, time, and date of photo shoot as well.
  • Details of working hours- Working hours are required so as to decide the total cost of photography. In many cases, photographers will be hired for 2 to 3 days wherein they’ll be covering all events right from day 1 to end. On the other hand, photographers can also be hired for few hours wherein they’ll shoot just the main wedding part. Based on client requirements, it is important to mention details of working hours that includes times, number of hours, events, and other required things. Moreover, photographers may be paid extra for travelling to some different location in which case details needs to be written in the contract.
  • Price details- This is one of the most important section of wedding photography contract. In this section, it is mandatory to mention the way a photographer is charging for example package price, hourly rates, per day basis, event basis, or location basis. In some cases you can have hybrid of 2 cases. Be absolutely specific when detailing the cost.
  • Terms of payment- the contract should include the way client will be paying. It can be in instalments, through cards, cash, or cheques. Don’t forget to mention the mode as well as terms of payment.

Is It Possible To Find Inexpensive Wedding Photography

In addition to costs related with catering and reception, wedding photography is the next largest spending that you need to plan for wedding day of yours. There are several professional wedding planners who suggest keeping aside ten to fifteen percent of entire budget for wedding photography. With exception of rings and vows, this is the only item that remains from D-day of yours that not just you as well as your family would cherish and remember for generations. There are some important tips that you need to consider while selecting wedding photography. It is pretty possible to find reasonable cost wedding photography but for that you need to do your side of work. The tips given below will be of much use to those who are searching for inexpensive wedding photography.

  • Book your slot at the earliest- you can save a huge amount of money on wedding photography if you book an experienced professional at the earliest. Couples who have got recently engaged and their wedding date is out should book a professional photographer right now. Maximum good wedding photographers would be booked much prior and hence their availability would cause problem for you. Moreover, booking photographers late means you need to invest more money and it isn’t guaranteed that they will be good enough. Booking photographers early will definitely help you in saving hundreds of dollars.
  • Go for online photography gift registering- you can reduce wedding photography cost of yours by making use of online gift registry of the photographer. There are several couples who register at more than one brick-mortar shop for wedding guests of theirs in order to buy gifts for them. In a similar fashion, individuals considerably can bring down cost of their wedding photography by using photography registry of photographer. This is one of the most cost-effective steps that you can take for making your wedding photography inexpensive.
  • Reduce coverage- another excellent way of reducing wedding photography expenditure of yours is by booking a professional photographer for lesser coverage hours on wedding day. This surely will be nice to employee photographers for ten hours but it requires considerable investment. As maximum professionals will charge you based on time for which you hire them, it is better to ask them for covering just ceremony in addition to one hour after and before the starting of ceremony. There are several engaged couples who’ve been capable enough to reduce their expenditure by 70 percent or even more by making use of only this tip. It is for sure that you don’t need a professional photographer for entire day hence you can make little compromises that in turn will save a huge amount of money.
  • Let family and friends purchase albums and prints on their own- another very simple way of making wedding photography inexpensive is letting your family and friends browse online proofing gallery as well as purchase professional albums and prints on their own. There are couples who would feel obligated when they purchase extra prints as well as albums for their family; but if you allow them to make purchase on their own; it would lower personal wedding photography expense of yours significantly.
  • Refer to family and friends- there are several professional wedding photographers who offer exclusive discount if you refer them to your family and friends. This helps them get more business and in return they will give you good discounts. In order to get such discounts, you need to hire a professional wedding photographer who is offering this service. You can go for some negotiations if you promise hiring them for your relatives as well as family members wedding or any other related occasion photography.