Myths And Truths Of Wedding Photography

Everything couple will take wedding photos on their wedding. However, you may not know how to choose a good photographer. Worse still, you may not know whether you should hire a photographer to help. Now, let us discuss some myths of it so that you can have a better picture.

myth picture

Myth: I do not need a wedding photographer because I have a friend who has a good camera and lens.

Truth: It seems that it is really good if you do not have to spend even a buck on wedding photos. However, it is really impossible to do so unless your brother is a professional photographer and has experiences in shooting weddings. You will find a professional planner to help plan your wedding. You may also search for the best designer to help design the most unique wedding invitation templates. Why would you get a person who is not professional to take your wedding pictures? Photo taking may be the hobby of your friends or family members. They may even have some professional equipment such as a Nikon or Cannon professional camera. However, this does not mean that they can help you to take perfect photos. They do not have experiences to do it well. For instance, if one of your guest drinks too much and start dancing around, can your friend still take good pictures of you? A good and professional photographer will have the experiences to deal with various situations while your friends will not.

Myth: I can ask my guests to take snapshots and I do not need a professional photographer to help.

Truth: Well, it is true that you can have some disposal cameras and your guests can take fun pictures in your wedding. They may even have their own digital cameras and take the pictures. There is no doubt that the snapshots they take will be something fun and valuable. However, these snapshots are different from professional photography. On one hand, only one out of ten pictures will be good when you look at these snapshots. On the other hand, your guests will not take posed pictures for you and your family members. Snapshots by guests are just under a different category.

Myth: Any photographer can take wedding pictures.

Truth: This is a big mistake about wedding photography. As discussed, experience is something very important. A photographer can be good at taking sports photos. However, this photographer may not be able to take good wedding pictures. It is just simply that they do not have the experience to do so. It is essential to find a professional wedding photographer instead of just a professional photographer.

Myth: Wedding photographers are just trying to make money out of me. They cannot really help.

Truth: It is totally wrong. The experiences of these photographers have to be stressed again and again. They are important vendors in a wedding. It is true that some photographers are not as good as what they advertise themselves. Yet, it is related to your selection process. You must choose real good and professional one to help you.

Myth: All photographers are the same.

Truth: This is another mistake couples will make. Every photographer is different. They have different styles and ways of working. This is why personal interview is so important. You must look at their portfolio. You must also talk to them. This will help you to know whether you can work smoothly with a photographer. You will also know about the styles of wedding photos you will get.

Myth: I have to instruct and direct the photographer when they are working.

Truth: Please do not do this! It is true that you should discuss with them about what you like and the types of pictures you want to shoot. However, you should never direct them. They have the experience and they can help you to take the best pictures. And you will never be able to direct the artistic quality of their work. Otherwise you will just ruin all your wedding pictures. No photographer will want to be directed when they are working. Another thing is that you are not a professional wedding planner and you do not have the experience to deal with various conditions. You need to trust the expertise of the photographers and let the help you.

Myth: I do not need any post-processing.

Truth: There are brides and grooms who want photographers who will do a lot of post-processing work. The other extreme is that some couples do not want any post-processing. It is a matter of taste and choice. There is no fixed rule about it. However, it is vital to discuss with the photographer before hand so that they can know what to do.

Capture Sizzling Conjugal Images With The Finest Photography Packages

Nuptial photographs are the most treasured remembrance of your special day. The type of wedding photography to be shot, whether the traditional one with formal images or outgoing bold shots in which the person is not a bit aware that they are being photographed. Or the glamour style linked with fashion photography and it’s finally you who has to opt whether to go for a photographer who blends all the trends together.

Select the exact assistance which you require from your photographer like whether only the ceremony is to be snapped that takes just one to three hours of clicking. Unlike other newlyweds who choose a comprehensive package ranging from engagement function, worked-out dinner snaps, bridal portraits besides latest couple photos. The number of images to be preserved from your marriage festivity also has to be chosen by you. Certain photographers present you with less than hundred images whereas the more expensive ones shoot almost thousands of photos.

Ascertain your budget and chuck out those who are unaffordable. Remember photographer charges, prints and albums comprise almost 12% of your total marriage finances. Pick the picture type you desire from the cameraman. Simply buying the prints is cost effective, if an album is not your priority. If one requires excessive prints, a more convenient and quicker alternative would be to acquire the negatives and later make the private copies at your spare time. If you wish to make an artistic display of the image or post them at a portal or incorporate them into the screen saver then the digital image files has to be obtained from your cameraman through the internet or Compact Disc.

At the time of fixing your deal with the cameraperson, inquire as regards liability insurance, whether they possess a reserve camera or kit? Observe closely the work specimen of the lens man you finally select and secure a brochure containing the particulars of wedding packages. Request a copy of the photographers approved shot list if they utilize it as seasoned wedding photographers most unlikely have it since they have perfectly retained in their mind the complete shots to be clicked. Confirm appointments and reservations repeatedly. Firstly, during the contract signing, secondly, three to six months prior to the event, afresh one to two weeks remaining wherein last minute alterations can be sorted out.

Pick a photographer who is attentive towards you and grasps your needs, at the same time suggesting on scheduling and arrangements. Your cameraperson should co-ordinate with you ahead of an engagement stint to decide the clothing as well as location. Price is unlikely to be the weighing factor while picking a matrimonial photographer for those who demand more are ensured by their stature, brand and know-how. Money should be sparingly spent on two items on your wedding day firstly, on Venue and secondly, on Photography. Confirm a fully insured photographer as camera gadgets are expensive and you remain protected.

Your marriage photographer should be equipped with backup cameras plus lenses, a data alternate plan comprising offsite backups along with a contingency plan. Cameras having double slots for holding memory cards which can interchangeably store data if any one of them malfunctions along with adequate backup equipment are essential. Your package should include at least a photographer along with an assistant or second snapper to click important angles.

Wedding photography in photojournalistic style is the major trend in California whereby the marriage activities are reeled out naturally. Secure a written agreement from your photographer regarding their duties and the outline of the package ordered by you along with the line-up of shots.

Beware Of These Hidden Fees For Your Wedding Photography

Often couples become victim of hidden fees for their wedding photography. The primary reason for this is that these couples blindly trust their photographer as well as sign a contract even without thoroughly reading it. This is an incorrect practise that should be avoided in order to save oneself from wedding photography hidden cost. Much emphasis is given to photography contract because that is the only document where you will find all clauses stating services for which you will be paying the photographer. A copy of this document should be maintained with the client as well as the photographer so that in case of discrepancies, it can be referred and the issue can be resolved. Ensure that the contract contains no hidden costs except for the costs discussed by both the parties. Often photographers take undue advantage of clients who are ready to pay any amount by including some hidden costs like travelling allowance, staying cost, food cost, cost of travelling to rare or far-off locations, and so on. At times these costs will not be mentioned in the contract but will be included in the bill given to customers. This is the reason why one must be a smart customer and get a clause mentioned in the contract stating that apart from the paid services mentioned in the contract, no other hidden fee would be charged from the clients. This contract should be duly signed by both parties as well as come mediator. Given below are some helpful tips for being aware of wedding photography hidden cost.

hidden fee

  • In wedding, wedding photography is given top priority because it is something that you can cherish for lifetime. This is the reason why couples don’t hesitate over-spending in it. It is definitely okay but only till the time you know what all they want should be included in their budget. Don’t blindly believe in your photographer if they are saying to pay somewhere even if you are not willing to do so. Before making the payment, see yourself whether the request made by your photographer is worth it or not. Often professionals will suggest you to opt for some far-off location but consult your family and friends prior to making the decision. Ensure that photographer selected by you is having artistic skills, ability of prioritizing shots, experience in dealing with entire day wedding activities, post and pre-meeting set-up, and grace for handling demands made by you or your family member.
  • Like all businesses, skills and time of a photographer is valuable. They will offer you personal products of theirs because clients are paying them. Those who wish saving hidden fee can ask their friends to guide a photographer so that they don’t waste time. This is especially important when you are hiring photographers on an hourly basis.
  • At times you hire professionals who charge based on events. In this case they can include a huge hidden cost in your bill if you are not paying attention. They will include a fee for even minor events even if they are not much photographic events. Here, you need to specify the events for which you want the photographers to click. If some event isn’t much important or photogenic, you can ask them to exclude that from the list so that they don’t charge for it.
  • Determine the cost that they would charge in case they are clicking single photographs of couples or guest. Often photographers charge extra for clicking single photographs so it is better to know their rates. Moreover, ask them if they include any hidden charges of this kind in their bill and if so, ask them to mention all those in the contract.

What Is Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage Wedding Photography is technique to photojournalism or documentary that narrates the entire story through photos. Usually successful reportage wedding photographers need hands off approach that gives an impression to others that it is a pretty simple task to do. Often Reportage Wedding Photography is misunderstood as simple photo shoot but this isn’t the case. In recent years, this photography style has become quite popular because of the endless opinions of approaching it. The term reportage in Reportage Wedding Photography basically means recording some event. This term was historically used for recording press photography. As it is applied to wedding nowadays, hence it is called Reportage Wedding Photography. It is recording the entire day in photographs. As a result you will get collection of photographs in album that would tell the complete day story but through photos that in turn means huge amount of images in the album as compared to what is covered in trading wedding albums.

In Reportage Wedding Photography, photographers understand the importance of some group photographs. They would include small set of photographs containing just a couple but only if it fits their story. The primary aspect of this kind of wedding photography is that photographers remain sensitive and un-obstructive to the reality that it is the wedding day and hence they try their best not to interfere with the enjoyment going on. This helps them in capturing more of natural and realistic pictures which in turns give great finishing to reportage. Now most of you would have understood what Reportage Wedding Photography is and what its benefits are. To sum up, this kind of photography is photo journalistic style that covers all events taking place on wedding day. This is much informal photography where people at the party won’t be asked to give poses instead natural moments will be captured just the way they take place. Given below are some tips that will assist in-experienced as well as experienced photographers in creating best Reportage Wedding Photography.

  1. The first and foremost thing in this photography technique is to know what your clients expect from you. Clicking photos is no doubt a simple task but creating a report or story using those photographs is much difficult. You need to sit with the client as well as confirm with them what their minimum requirements are. Know what all things or aspects they want you to include in the story and design your list accordingly. Once your final list is ready, re-check it to make sure all details asked for are included.
  2. Go and take a look at the wedding location. It is better to examine the entire place where the wedding would be held. This will assist you in deciding the base of your story. Moreover, you’ll understand which parts of the venue should be included in Reportage Wedding Photography such that they give excellent enhancement to it. You’ll also be able to determine places where you will keep your equipments so that you can get a complete view of the place. This will save a huge amount of effort of yours.
  3. Be prepared with all tools and equipments that you will need for the final day. Some of these can be memory cards, extra batteries, lenses, flash, lighting, and so on. Try carrying 2 cameras where one can be fitted and the other will be rotating. This will help in capturing each and every part of the venue.
  4. Try not to be obtrusive or timid as it gives bad impression. When you are creating Reportage Wedding Photography, it is important that photographers should maintain good balance. They should be timid so as to get perfect shoots.

Mini Guide To Plan Your Wedding Photography

Prior to discussing some plans for wedding photography, we should know what exactly wedding photography is. Some years back, meaningful and beautiful wedding photography became a tradition. Then we saw some seriously talented professionals for wedding photography. As time passed by, several wedding photographers emerged in addition to technologies. Now almost all couples prefer wedding photography done by professionals so as to make their wedding a memorable one. It is a known truth that photographs assist in building sense of self as well as bring in joy through past memories of one and all. Various other kinds of photography are there and all require a high degree of experience as well as professionalism. It isn’t just clicking photographs during wedding instead it is capturing emotions and feelings of people out there, especially the couple. This guide will help you in determining what all you require for wedding photography.

  • Decide on the budget- The first and foremost thing that you need to do prior to any other task related to wedding photography is deciding your budget. There are times when couples don’t get results as per their expectations because of their tight budget. Hence, one thing that couples need to keep in mind while deciding a wedding photography budget is that it is a one time investment, the results of which will last for a lifetime. So make wise decisions. If your budget is low, you can hire professionals on hourly basis wherein they will cover main wedding only. Those who have no budget constraints can go for professionals for all events like pre-wedding bash, wedding, reception, and post-wedding bash.
  • Hire a professional photographer- Actually wedding photography is mainly dependent on the type of photographer you choose. If you go for good and experienced one, you will definitely get great results. On the other hand, going in for casual photographers will give you not much effective results. There are couples who in order to save few bucks ask their family members or friends to click photographs for them but this will not give them shots that professionals can. For hiring best professionals, you need to do some bit of work. Go online and search for good photographers available in the town. Visit their website and see their work. If required, fix an appointment with them and meet them in person to discuss your requirements, expectations, as well as budget. You will also come to know about different styles that are available for wedding photography, and which one would suit you the best. In case of confusion, couples can ask their friends or relatives if they know some good wedding photography professional.
  • Decide the location- deciding on the location is again an important task because excellence of images is largely affected by the place where it is clicked. Here, photographers will be of great help to you. You can see their previous work that will help you in deciding the location. If you are a water lover, go for beach or some waterfall. On the other hand, forest lovers can choose forest or some grassy area as their location. There are couples who prefer getting clicked inside their hotels whereas there are couples who love going to some beautiful setting to make it as their image backdrop.
  • Go for trial session- this is the best way of determining which location and photography style will suit you best. You may be required to pay some extra amount for this but it will definitely give great results. Post this, couples need to do some bit of negotiation with their wedding photographers by promising them that they’ll recommend them to their friends and family.

Options And Ideas Of Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Las Vegas

Given below are some ideas related to Los Angeles Wedding Photography

  • You can design a list of shots. This is a great wedding photography idea that a couple should think much ahead of this. They can capture their D-day as well as prepare a list such that it can be checked off any time when required. This particularly will be helpful when taking family shots. The best thing would be to click different photos with family members, individual family member photos, group photos, and so on. In this way you won’t lament in future for missing someone.
  • Choose family photo coordinator for wedding photography. Usually family photo section will be much stressful one. Members will be going here and there but they won’t be aware of varying family dynamics that is at play. The wedding couple should nominate one family member from each family who will be the director for shoots. They will be responsible for collecting each one from the family, getting them to pose for shot, and keeping things going on such that the couple gets back to their wedding party.
  • Search for location. When one wishes to click wedding photographs in Los Angeles, there would never be a shortage of location. It will be good to select a background or location based on personality and behaviour of the couple. If the couple are highly romantic, the best idea would be to go for some beach type location. On the other hand, a couple where the girl and boy don’t know much about one another should shoot in locations like gardens, parks, beach facing restaurants, etc. When going for wedding photography, the most important thing will be preparing the set or background. If you have chosen a beach as your photography location, make sure you are doing all preparation prior so that no stone is left unturned for a memorable photo shoot. It would be better to rehearse at few locations by getting photographs clicked and go for the location that offers the best photos. Rehearsal or trial photo shoot will also assist couples in realizing which posture or style best suits them.
  • Select a photographer who excels in his profession. This is pretty vital because going for some experienced photographer will assist you in getting the best pictures clicked even when the location or background isn’t too good. These professionals are well aware of different lights, sun, and climatic condition that come across while shooting hence hiring an experienced photographer will always work in your favour. Further being professional photographers, they know about those minute details that will make your shoot great. They know how to adjust their lens, camera distance, photography style, and other attributes in order to give you the best results. Rather than asking any of your family member or friend to click photographs, it is always better if you hire a professional though it may increase your budget but investing little for good outcomes is always preferred, especially in case of wedding photography.
  • Another good idea is keeping your budget flexible. There are several couples who restrict their budget especially when it comes to wedding photography because they feel it isn’t that important. But these individuals should know that wedding photography is as important as their wedding because wedding will last for a day or two and get over but these photographs will last for years to come, reminding them of great moments of courtship. Hence, one shouldn’t compromise on quality or budget. They must ask only professional photographers for getting wedding photography done. Moreover, budget constraint is not a good idea as it may require you to compromise on quality.

Should I Take Pre-Wedding Photos

Taking pre-wedding photo is pretty important for those who want perfect photographs of their wedding day. When couples hire wedding photographers, they can purchase a package that includes pre-wedding photography as well. There are several big and small events that happen prior to the actual wedding. Some of these events include dance show, bachelors’ party, cocktail, trial photo shoots, and lots more. When one talks about wedding, the first picture that comes to their mind is of a lovely couple who are in deep love. One would definitely think about their wedding day as well as how it would be in reality. In a wedding, couples play the role of main characters that is actor and actress. Excessive amount of preparations are required for making your D-day the most memorable one and there isn’t any doubt that pre-wedding photography is the most vital part of it. Often couples are confused regarding whether or not they should opt for pre-wedding photography. This article will help in providing them genuine reasons regarding why they should go for pre-wedding photography.

In every wedding photography package you will see a feature as pre-wedding photo shoot. This is included because even experienced photographers are aware of its importance. They prefer doing this before the main event so as to get an idea of what all they must include or exclude on the final day. Moreover, pre-wedding photo shoot also helps photographers to decide on major photography attributes for the final day and some of these are lighting, focus, cover area, background, distance, postures, and so on. When you are shooting for pre-wedding photos, you’ll get to know your photographer well. Couples can also suggest some poses and backgrounds where they wish getting clicked for the final day. This helps photographers to be prepared with all tools and techniques for the wedding day. It also provides couples to an opportunity to see talent and expertise of their photographer as well as be satisfied that they have chosen the best one.

With pre-wedding photo shoots, even couples get good time to spend with one another in addition to the photographer and hence all three become comfortable with each other. Pre-wedding photo shoot doesn’t mean that only your photographer will be giving ideas. In fact, photographers appreciate ideas and suggestions given to them by their clients as it helps them in making their task easier. You will get to experience the way professional photographers do their job. They will show you all clicks taken by them and all of you together can sit and decide on different factors that are working in your case as well as those that should not be included for the D-day. The next big advantage that comes with pre-wedding photo shoot is that in case couples are not satisfied with their photographers, they have time to go for a change before it is too late. If you are planning to include some photos of yours in your invitation then pre-wedding photo shoot is the best option as you can select the best photographs for getting printed. In order to have different background settings for your wedding pictures collection, you can plan your pre-wedding photo shoot in some beach, forest, or any other place of your wish. But make sure that your wedding location is not chosen as the location for pre-wedding photo shoot. This will help you in getting your photographs clicked at different locations rather than in just the wedding venue. Usually pre-wedding photo shoots require couples to get dressed just as they would for their wedding day. This gives them a chance to see how both of them would look for the final event and suggest necessary changes.

How Does A Wedding Photographer Charge You

Wedding is one of the most glorious, grand, memorable, and expensive events that happen in each one’s life. This is the reason why people prefer capturing each and every moment of this D-day and hence hire wedding photographers. Almost all photographers are going to charge you for providing a service. There are some considerations wherein you can get low cost or free of cost wedding photographers but only if you are ready to make small compromises. All photographers aren’t experienced. They gain experience by working continuously. If you hire an experienced photographer, they will charge you huge amount for the service provided by them. On the other hand, if you hire professionals who are more of a learner, you may be asked to pay minimum amount only. Often there are young talented photographers who wish enhancing their skills in wedding photography and hence they are ready to offer free of cost services only in return of a working opportunity. This is beneficial from both points of view. If you consider photographers, they get a chance to gain experience by performing wedding photography at your wedding. This in turn helps them enhance their skills as well as gain more of practical knowledge. Looking from client’s perspective, they will have to pay minimal amount because these young professionals aren’t much experienced. If a client is lucky, they may get photographers who will not cost anything for the services provided by them because their main aim is enhancing their skills as well as gaining knowledge and not money. Such kinds of photographers are more into research and they emphasize much on practical research.


There are several factors based on which wedding photographers will charge you and some of these factors are discussed in detail below.

Location: If you ask them to shoot in a location where they stay, probably the cost would be reasonable. On the other hand, couples who are planning for outdoor wedding or shoots will be required to bare all expenses of their photographer right from lodging to food and travelling. This will be decided prior to signing the contract as well as should be included in the contract.

Based on Working Hours: There are some wedding photographers who charge on a hourly basis whereas there are some who charge on a day-to-day basis or on package basis. If you are hiring professionals who charge on hourly basis, you’ll have to specify the number of hours for which you wish hiring them. In case of day-to-day basis, you can decide on the days for which you want to hire them and the price will be fixed accordingly. There are professionals wedding photographers who charge based on events. This is preferably a much convenient charging method. Often some small events keep happening that aren’t much important but you have to pay your photographer. In case of event basis, you can decide on the main events for which you wish hiring them. This is a cost-effective as well as time saving method.

Mode in Which You Want Your Photographs: If you want photographs just as a collection, probably your photographer won’t charge any extra amount for it. In case you wish getting those photographs assembled in the form of album, you may have to pay extra based on cost demanded by the professional.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot: Couples prefer to have pre-wedding photo shoot. They would like to take trial photographs so as to be confident about their D-day photo session. If you are planning for one such photo-shoot, your photographer will definitely charge you for it. This cost will be included in the package chosen by you.

Cost Based on Package: Usually you’ll be asked to select a package based on your requirements and each package comes with its own cost and features.

How to make your Wedding Photos unique?

unique photo

The auspicious day of the wedding comes once in a lifetime and is memorable for each one of us. Everyone prepares months and weeks before the D-day so that none of things are missing out and everything is simply perfect. This piece of article would discuss the ideas to make your wedding photos unique.

The wedding day also needs hiring of some photographers, which involves getting some of the amazing and most memorable photographers. Both the bride and the groom need to make sure that their special day and most memorable day is very well documented in such a way which is in high demands. You would get some inspiration and guidance on the various types of shots, which are almost mandatory.

One of the best ideas in this reference is the badge of the team bride or the team groom. Guests can wear these badges at the main event to reveal that they belong to either side of the party. The badges act as an automatic ice breaker and acts as a starter for a great conversation among these guests. One can save all the wedding cards in the form of a book. Wedding is the most auspicious occasion and both the bride and the groom get many tons of sweet notes and other gifts which they don’t want to throw away. All you need is simply punch the three hole cards and put the binder rings in order to make a very simple and meaningful look of all the cards from the wedding day.

The release of the first look photos is also one of the best ideas. Every person holds a bunch of balloons and releases them to see the future spouse. The curious guests, who want to know about the programs of the wedding, are provided brief bios for the party. This is one of the best ways to introduce all your guests to the party and respect them. The concept of unique signages for all the wedding photos also helps to deliver the heartfelt messages on the special day.

Bridesmaids hold various signs to tell, when and where did they first met the bride in order to inform them about their special relationship. They sometimes even want to get a photo and feel amazed at how long they have been in each other’s lives. The wedding photography was all about taking awkward pictures with new in-laws. This was done in hope that the hair style does not look ridiculous on the mantelpiece in about a period of twenty years.

During the last few years, the wedding industry has boomed significantly. Some couples, who believe in their cultural values and the artistic side, are simply ensuring that their wedding day contains mementos and artworks. Some of the unique styles of photography are done to simply make sure that these art pieces last for the entire lifetime.

The fine art style photography is very classic and traditional in the true sense and has added filmic touches and is mainly influenced from editorial shoots of magazines. Wedding photographers shoot in this manner carries a fashionable background. They also have portrait photography and specialize in making all the snaps of the wedding very romantic and lovable.

Some of these fine images belong to Fine art Photography by Beau and Belle in the city of Yorkshire and describes the style as organic, relaxed, and natural. Creating beautiful wedding photography is surely a craft that tells the story of the whole day, in order to make your wedding, look very beautiful. This photography normally consists of both the bride and the groom and has plenty of taste, which is an important part of accessories from gown of the brides to the table decorations.

Is It Important To Have A Wedding Album

Nowadays having a wedding album is a must. This is because wedding albums are the best way of retaining memories so that one can cherish them forever. These days’ digital wedding albums have become much popular. There is wide range of possibilities for events like sweet 16, weddings, and much more. Wedding albums reflect personal display of long lasting memories of couples by narrating story of wedding day of theirs thru images. Among the biggest advantages of having digital wedding albums is that individuals will be no longer bounded by format as well as layouts of classic albums. Using wedding albums, especially digital books, individuals can place their photographs anywhere on page as well as make use of varying kinds of photo sizes and layouts. This means one can have creative album with several photos on one page without requiring any of your favorite photos to be left out. In order to have more breathtaking designs, individuals can make use of photographs as their background images in their album.

Nowadays, couples are switching to benefits of wedding albums in digital form as they provide you ability of making coffee table book or flush mount book as well as personal albums by including different layouts, borders, text, effects, and graphics. Using digital photography you can get quick turnarounds of the proofs. These albums can be secured on high resolution DVDs as well as featured on a site for securing online sharing or proofing. You can ask your photographer to provide you digital albums instead of physical albums because if you have digital photographs of your wedding it will become easy for you to share them on social networking sites that one may be using such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. In fact, this is the latest trend that is being used these days. Physical wedding albums come with certain drawbacks and hence are not much preferred by couples. The biggest drawbacks include: require huge amount of storage space, don’t contain each and every photograph of the wedding, expensive, require regular maintenance like cleaning, suffer wear and tear with time, aren’t easily portable, tough to carry because of their weight, and so on. On the other hand, digital wedding albums come with several advantages like need minimum storage space that too on your computer or other storage device, print is excellent, don’t wear out with time, can be ported from one place to another easily by making use of portable devices like pen drive, multiple copies can be created, and lots more.

There are often individuals who think whether or not they require wedding albums. The simplest answer is yes! But a simple suggestion to them is to go for digital wedding album as they are more cost-effective and require minimum space. These digital photos can be used for creating screensavers, digital albums, transferring, and much more. Digital albums offer broad range of printing options and capabilities. Even photographers have numerous options to play with color spectrum as they can turn photos into white and black, sepia, or cover it with roses, and perform lots more activities. Furthermore, they can even blur background and highlight photographs of couple, enhance romantic settings, create lighting effects, and create customized pictures as well. All these features are not possible with physical photos. Hence, couples are encouraged to go for digital wedding photo albums as compared to traditional albums. You can even reproduce multiple copies in case your relatives or friends are asking for some specific photographs. This is also possible with conventional photos but it requires investment as well as is a time taking effort. To conclude, having wedding photographs, be it digital or physical, is a must if you want to secure your D-day memories for ever.

Three instant photos